Voices of Experience

After my Kambo sessions I realized this was not the end of the world just the end to something I knew as my present life. Things do still affect me but I’m trying to weed out the things that I don’t need. Extra stress went out the door. I am delighted to live in the now the present and see what a beautiful world we can make. My sight is more crisp, don’t ask me how but I see things clearer. I’ve been having trouble with clouded vision and I think the Kambo session helped me remove the clouds and see things as they really are.
Shawn J.

I have participated in several Kambo ceremonies with Steve of Kambo Mantra, and I only have good things to say about my experiences.  I have witnessed Steve serve his clients with the utmost respect for their individual healing processes and for the medicine.  He holds healing space with strength, care, and non-judgement.  He is grounded, kind, and fully competent to serve such powerful medicine.  It has helped me heal- emotionally and physically.  After my third ceremony at Kambo Mantra, my chronic asthma symptoms were relieved, and I stopped using my daily rescue inhaler.  I am grateful and will continue to participate in Kambo ceremonies with Steve.
Heidi Z.

Feels that the frog medicine really helped me cleanse historical and personal trauma. I feel overwhelming grateful to have partaken in this ancient medicine. So grateful to the frog and the strong medicine it gifted to me. I rub the area and give thanks and it is an honor to hold this energy within.
Winona F.

Anyone looking to do a Kambo Ceremony, Steve is your guy.  He knows how to truly hold space, make you feel supported and safe!
Ebony R.

My experience was amazing. The process was intense for sure but I’m so grateful I participated…I immediately felt lighter. Hard to describe, just felt like a weight was lifted… I realized that daily irritations don’t actually exist unless I feed them my energy…I also have that “seed” I can replant when the Kambo wears off, the simple reminder not to feed daily stressful situation my energy.
Roxanne B.

I had several job interviews and landed a great new job! I think the kambo really helped me stay focused and grounded during my interviews… I learned the importance of sitting within my own personal power and also to not give that power away to toxic people and/or situations. I think over the next month or two I will still have revelations, it was a very powerful weekend for me. 🙂
Elena R.

I felt like I could barely move or stay awake.  But I feel clearer and cleaner somehow.  I am experiencing physical relief on a different level — I had been feeling a little fearful for awhile there, having more pain and symptoms, and now I am feeling some relief.  No pain this week (after last Monday) and a reprieve from the constant numbness and uncomfortable physical feelings…I can’t quite articulate it yet but feel like it is affecting my clarity and inner peace. Both my best friend and my partner have noticed changes in me and made positive comments about me when I return from Kambo.  I am hopeful I can continue this progression.
Angie W.

I wanted to thank you for providing us with the most beautiful ceremony…which says a lot given the nature of it! I have a great respect and appreciation for sitting in ceremony and the ability for the facilitator to hold space makes a tremendous difference in the experience, so thank you.
Marla S.

Thank you for being so calm during my kambo the first day when my hands were starting to “lobster claw” I was about to get scared and your calmness and reassurance help me get through it. I feel that I have been more open with communicating my feelings.
Jess C.

Steve prepared a beautiful ceremonial space for us where the medicine was treated and received with the utmost respect. I did a three day ceremony and highly recommend it for anyone looking to shift their awareness and make changes in their life. Kambo has rebooted me to a degree. I feel better about myself, my inner/outer vision and clarity has been more pronounced and it’s helped me be able to take back my power in life. This was hands down one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my life and I’m looking forward to having another Kambo ceremony with Steve.
Colin D.

My mood feels balanced, calm and my mind feels clear; everything is more clear than ever to me at the moment.  I feel so much gratitude for each day that comes (which I personally had not felt in quite sometime) and its truly beautiful. It really took three to four days before I began to notice results from kambo, but have to tell you, these results are what I have been searching for, for quite sometime.  I am truly grateful, beyond words.  In some strange way, really look forward to sitting with kambo again, preferably at your ceremony.
Charity R.

My Husband and I had the pleasure of experiencing this incredible ritual 10 days ago. It was quite the spiritual experience! I have to say this is something I will do again, and again. I suffer from chronic pain, migraines, and have had a few “FAILED” neck surgeries… when you live in my body you’ll try just about anything to help alleviate pain. I would recommend this experience to EVERYONE! Thanks, Steve. You are a delightful practitioner and we’ll see you again in the New Year!!
Stephanie M.

I am very grateful to have found Steve and Kambo as they have both been tremendously helpful in my healing journey. Steve’s wisdom and dedication to helping others in this ceremony was apparent and I felt very safe and supported throughout the entire process. Going into the ceremony I was not quite sure what to accept, but now weeks after the benefits are beyond what I could have imagined. I’ve struggled with GI symptoms causing brain fog, headaches and fatigue for years. After 3 back to back days of Kambo these symptoms have almost entirely disappeared. I have more energy than I’ve had in years and generally feel less blocked in all aspects of life. If you are drawn to this medicine I would highly recommend working with Steve!
Jen D.

I am amazed at how my physical body feels. Gone are all the aches and pains I typically feel daily. I have also stopped taking any of the supplements which I take for inflammation. I really feel like I chose the right person to have this ceremony with and felt safe and supported the whole time, and I really feel you are doing this work for the right reasons and I am grateful to have connected with you.  
Eldora M.

It’s been about 3 weeks since sitting with Kambo and all I can say is it was the perfect choice. I feel more emotionally and mentally stable than I have in quite some time. Absolutely what I was seeking … what I was truly needing in a deep integrative sense was grounding and I absolutely found it in Kambo. I feel so grateful I took a leap of faith and dove straight into a 3 day ceremony. You were absolutely the right facilitator and I couldn’t be more thankful for the connections that were made. In fact, all I’ve been thinking about is when I can come back! It feels like this hidden gem of a world just opened up and with it a deeper layer of myself.
Leslie H.

It was obvious how incredibly important it was for you to connect deeply with all of us and provide us with the very best healing opportunity possible. I was so touched and it was IMPERATIVE as the Divine had 3 very difficult ceremonies for me to go through. You were so attentive to keeping us safe and helping us begin the healing. God is working in a very deep way in my healing this week and I OWE You, my Fine Fellow! Last weekend was Divinely Appointed! I am so glad to have worked with the Best of the Best and the Great Healing I received and will continue benefit from! Our lives were meant to be a Celebration! Deep Blessing to You!
Brent R.

My Kambo experience with you was the best! You knew where the perfect placement was for what I needed! After sitting around for months due to the pandemic, that was exactly what I was looking for and needed. It’s been a few weeks and I’m still feeling great and grounded! I will be returning my brother!
Chuck R