Sacred Snuff

Rapé snuffs are used for a number of different healing and energetic purposes. My medicine chest (seen above) is full of different varieties of these sacred tools. Each variety of Rapé (Pronounced Hah-Peh or Rah-Pay) has a different blend of tobacco and sacred plants, ashes, flowers, herbs, and leaves. Every type is imbued with a different energy and intention. Using them appropriately can have a dramatic impact on your session.

Amazonian tribes use these sacred snuffs for treatment of illness, disease, energetic blocks, as an energetic boost, or for energetic grounding. Personal intention is very important when working with Rapé. A snuff ceremony can be held in combination with a Kambo ceremony. Rapé may also be used for a specific purpose in a ceremony of it’s own. I view the energies of these tools as very similar to Mantras. Chanting a certain Mantra is intended to put you in touch with a very specific and unique frequency, energetic state, or to aid in healing. Rapé snuffs can be used for the same purposes. Each blend will have a unique feeling, smell, flavor, energy, and healing potential. Some are very light and mild. Others are extremely powerful and should only be used by those with considerable experience. We will work closely together to choose one that is right for you. If you are sensitive to tobacco we may decide to serve you a tobacco free variety.

The Rapé will be delivered to each of your nostrils with a small puff of air through a blow-pipe known as a Tepi. This traditional tool and method of administration allows me to deliver this jungle medicine with intention and ensures that you will receive the proper amount. Responses to Rapé are wide ranging and will be unique to each person. Our intention in using them in ceremony can be to aid in your healing, set an energetic framework, or to help you break through a specific blockage. I have spent years learning to work with this tribal medicine and will be there to guide you through the process every step of the way.