The Session

What to Expect – 

Before your session we will review your needs, your health history, and help you set your intention for the ceremony.

I often work with assistants to help with singing, drumming, and other tasks so I am able to focus on my duties. Please let me know during our initial consultation if you would prefer a 1-on-1 session with no assistant present. You may also make a request for a female assistant at that time.

There are many ways to work with Kambo. The two primary styles can be referred to as “Kambo” (With Water) and “Sapo” (Without Water). “Sapo” is Spanish for “Toad” but refers to the same substance and is served without consuming water before the session. Each of these have their own benefits and are equally effective. We can discuss the options during our consultation if you are curious which style may be appropriate for you.

Kambo ceremonies can be profound and life-changing experiences. In order to reflect this fact we will be consecrating a sacred space and calling for the healing energies of Universal Spirit, Mother Earth, and Kambocito. Establishing a sacred space and receptive mindset are often important factors for westerners in a Kambo ceremony. Respect for yourself and your fellow participants is mandatory. We are working with intense energies which must be respected throughout the ceremony. Kambo may give you a fresh perspective on your own patterns and programming. This can result in emotional and/or physical release of negative energies you may have been carrying around for many years. It is of the utmost importance that you disclose your current medications and any history of physical and/or mental illness to your practitioner before you receive Kambo. Such conditions are not always contraindications. Please be honest.

After opening the circle space and setting our intention we will begin the ceremony with the application of Sananga. The extract of this energetically healing plant helps to ground your energy and establish an energetic baseline for your session. Sananga is delivered as an eye drop. It is known by many as “Lightning in the eye”. The stinging sensation is short-lived and lasts only 1 or 2 minutes. The grounding and energetic impact can continue for much longer. In the Amazon, Sananga is used for virtually all types of physical maladies of the eyes. It has been reported to improve eyesight, reduce eye infections, and despite the stinging sensation Sananga is very good for your eyes. If you wear contact lenses please be prepared to remove them if you wish to receive Sananga.

Most people will be offered Rapé (Pronounced ~ Hap-eh) before receiving Kambo. The Rapé will be delivered as a nasal snuff using a ceremonial device known as a Tepi. A light puff of air from your practitioner will deliver a small amount of snuff into your nasal cavities. There are many varieties of Rapé. Most are produced by combining pure jungle tobacco (Mapacho) and ashes, and specific sacred plants and flowers. There are also varieties which do not contain tobacco. I try to keep an extensive inventory of Rapé and will work closely with you to choose the variety which is appropriate for you. The Rapé and Sananga are helpful in bringing you into your body and grounding your energies in preparation for your Kambo session.

Before we apply Kambo to your body we will sit together and determine the appropriate number of points and where they will be placed. As a first time recipient you will be given a single test point to judge your reaction and response to Kambo. Following this required test you will be given a predetermined number of points. For the first session most men will be given their points on the left shoulder. Women will typically receive their points on the inside of the right leg above the ankle. The method of administration is via small burns, or “gates”, which will be delivered a few minutes prior to your session. The burns are very superficial and are nearly painless. There is always a risk of minor scarring from the burns. I take great care to make the burns as small and as light as possible. Most people view the tiny marks as a badge of honor and a treasure them as mementos of their Kambo experience.

Once your gates have been applied you will begin drinking from the water you have brought. It is critical that you have honored the request to partake of an 8-10 hour fast from food and excessive water consumption prior to your ceremony. Once you have finished an appropriate amount of water your practitioner will apply the points of Kambo to your gates. A minute or two after Kambo is applied you may begin to feel a flush of heat rising through your body. This is often accompanied by a tingling sensation in your extremities. Some people experience a warming of the body and begin to perspire as the peptides begin to act. The feeling of the Kambo rushing through your lymphatic system is similar to a mild allergic reaction. Your body senses the in-rushing peptides and begins to interact with them. Each person will have their own experience. As your practitioner, I will be there to hold space for you the entire time and use my experience with Kambo to keep you safe and help you make the most of your sessions.

Most Kambo sessions last between 20 and 40 minutes. Once the Kambo is removed, the purging and uncomfortable physical symptoms will begin to subside within a few minutes. After the Kambo is removed you will be allowed to rest and recuperate. It’s normal to experience a bit of anxiety leading up to the application of the Kambo but people are usually surprised at how quickly it is over. After a bit of rest you will be offered a light snack of fresh organic fruit and a stomach calming tea. People typically rest for 15 to 45 minutes. You will be allowed to relax as long as you need to. Your body will let you know when you are ready to sit up.

After the Kambo has been removed your gates will be dressed with a natural jungle antiseptic called Sangre de Drago, or Dragon’s Blood. This natural latex dressing will protect your small burns and should remain on them until it falls off on it’s own after a week or so. Allowing the Dragon’s Blood to remain on your gates will also reduce the likelihood that you will have any infection or long term scarring.

No two people have the same response to their sessions. You may feel anything from exhaustion to euphoria following your treatment. Limit your activity to having a healthy meal of natural food and relaxing. Your body is still hard at work processing the Kambo. Your mind may also be hard at work trying to process the experience. Don’t tax your system any more than you need to. It can be very therapeutic to sit in the grass at a local park or go to your favorite quiet place in the woods if you are able to do so.

Take as much time as you need to integrate your experience. It may also be wise to allow yourself time to process the whole experience before you begin telling people about it. Your first impressions are not necessarily the same as the memories you will have after a day, a week, or a month. The true nature of Kambo becomes apparent after you are able to reflect on it and integrate the lessons you have learned into your daily life.

Real change is never easy. It doesn’t need to be painful but it does take work. Kambo is no exception. It’s not a magic bullet and should be seen as merely a step in your life transformation. If you are dedicated to your own spiritual, physical, and emotional transformation you will eventually see the results you are working toward. Kambo may accelerate this process but you will still need to be the driving force. Take the opportunities you are given and make them productive.

Awaken your true nature and start the journey to your full potential. Take a leap of faith and see what Kambo can do for you. I encourage you to do your own research into Kambo. This includes researching available practitioners to find a good match for you. It’s important to me that you receive the best care possible. I may refer you to another practitioner if you would be better served by seeing them. Contact me today with any questions you may have.