The Science

Kambo is one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anesthetic substances found in the world and one of the strongest, natural ways to strengthen the immune system. It may also detoxify the liver and the intestines and act as a powerful cleanser.

Immediate and short term effects include enhanced mood, alertness, clarity, focus, energy and increased resistance to stress, exhaustion, hunger and thirst. The mind becomes still, you feel lighter and everything becomes easier to manage.

In the longer term, Kambo empowers the immune system, rousing the body’s defense systems to their natural functions so that existing health problems may be improved or resolved and future problems are less likely to occur. In spiritual terms, Kambo works in a mystical fashion as a light that opens the way, helping us to overcome obstacles and release blockages on an emotional level. It clears our energy field and realigns the chakras enabling us to break negative habits and live and think more naturally.

Despite the billions of pounds/euros and dollars being poured into researching and developing mainstream synthetic medication from Phyllomedusa bicolor frog secretions, no one has yet managed to reproduce the natural form. Kambo in its original, natural form is a holistic treatment that works on the mind, body, energy and spirit at all levels in ways that we don’t completely understand yet. The native peoples of the Amazon are quite right to use the word ‘magic’ when describing this substance.

Included below are details regarding a small number of the more than 200 compounds which have been isolated from Kambo to date. These details should be seen as merely an introduction to the possible mechanisms of how Kambo may affect the physical form. There are no peer reviewed papers describing the work it allows us to do on higher dimensional planes. We encourage you to do your own research about the potential uses of Kambo.

Caerulien– Ceruletide, also known as cerulein or caerulein, is a ten amino acid oligopeptide that stimulates smooth muscle and increases digestive secretions. Ceruletide stimulates gastric, biliary, and pancreatic secretion; and certain smooth muscle.

Sauvagine– Sauvagine possesses a number of pharmacological actions on diuresis, the cardiovascular system and endocrine glands

Phyllomedusin– Phyllomedusin is a peptide of the tachykinin family. Phyllomedusin strongly affects the salivary glands, tear ducts, intestines, and bowels.

Phyllokinin– Hypothesized to produce relaxation of arterial smooth muscle and constriction of intestinal smooth muscle May target bradykinin receptors.

Dermorphin– The peptide is a natural opioid that binds as an agonist with high potency and selectivity to mu Opioid receptors. Dermorphin is about 30–40 times more potent than morphine. This mu Opioid affinity may account for the pain relief experienced by many Kambo recipients after their sessions.

Deltorphin– Deltorphin is a heptapeptide with a very potent opiate-like activity. Has high affinity and selectivity for delta-type opioid receptors. The two dermorphin-like peptides have a similar affinity and selectivity for the mu opioid receptor as dermorphin.

Adenoregulin– Adenoregulin is a member of the dermaseptin family which are vertebrate antibiotic peptides having lethal effects against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and protozoa.