The Preparation

Kambo ceremonies may be physically, emotionally, and spiritually beneficial. They may also be taxing on your system. As you prepare for your ceremony there are a few simple steps you can take to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

For roughly one week before your ceremony it is recommended that you try to eat fresh and healthy foods. This is especially important for the 2 or 3 days immediately before the ceremony.

For those 2-3 days before your session you should avoid heavy or spicy foods that may upset your stomach. Do not drink alcohol or use other recreational drugs. Here in Colorado there are many people who use Cannabis on a daily basis. You should refrain from Cannabis use for at least a few days before and after Kambo. This break from your routines will help you make the most of your Kambo experience.

There is a mandatory 10-12 hour food and water fast prior to your session. You may be drinking nearly a half gallon of water during your session. This is much easier and safer when you have completed your fast appropriately.

Prior to your food and water fast you should take care to fully hydrate your system. Keep your electrolyte levels up and you will arrive for your session with plenty of energy and stamina to complete the experience.

Following your session you will be offered fresh organic fruit and stomach calming tea to help you get your energy back and restore your blood sugar levels. Feel free to bring any foods or fluids you would like to consume after your session. People often choose to have an electrolyte drink, fruit, light pasta dish, or other energy boosting snack to consume once they feel ready. My personal favorite is a Poke bowl with rice, fish, mango, fresh veggies, seaweed salad, and a light teriyaki sauce. But hey, that’s just me.

If you are participating in a 3 day program please make sure you are well fed and completely hydrated before your next session.