Health And Safety

Prior to your session you may be asked to participate in a brief phone interview to determine your suitability as a participant.

Kambo is safe when administered by a trained practitioner. There is no inherent danger if the recipient is in good health and follows the appropriate safety measures. A Kambo ceremony is a shamanic ritual and ceremonial healing session. This should not be confused with the Western definition of a medical treatment. Kambo is not a medicine and those who administer it are not doctors.

Below is a partial list of health conditions and contraindications for sitting with Kambo – If you have any of these conditions it would be unsafe and/or unwise for you to receive Kambo. In the interest of your safety please read this list completely and inform me if your health history includes any of the following –

Under 18 years old – Over 70 years old – Lack of Respect for Kambo – Eating within 8 hours of Receiving Kambo – Stroke – Heart Bypass Surgery – Enlarged Heart – Implanted Defibrillators – Pericardial Effusion – Congestive Heart Disease – Excessive Fluid in the Heart Sack – Heart Valve Replacement Surgery – Organ Transplant – Organ Failure – Taking any Anticoagulant Medication – Pregnancy – Bipolar Disorder or Other Serious Mental Health Problems (Excluding PTSD, Depression, Anxiety) – Lacking Mental Capacity to Decide to Do Kambo – Epilepsy – Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy – Taking Diuretics or Immunosuppressants – Addison’s Disease – Recent Surgical Procedures – Dehydration – Over-Hydration – Recent Enema (72Hrs Prior)

This list is in no way complete or exhaustive. Please let me know of any medications you are on. You must also report any health conditions you may be experiencing, or have experienced, prior to receiving Kambo. This is for your own safety. Please be honest so we can work safely together.

Most people with chronic and acute illnesses and conditions are able to work with Kambo safely. Please contact me to learn more about alternative treatment styles. Let’s talk about your concerns and your goals and intentions for working with Kambo.

In addition to the information I have provided, you should do your own research to learn all you can about the potential benefits and dangers of Kambo.

This experience is not for everyone. If you have any doubts about your reasons for doing Kambo, your ability to safely receive it, or our ability to work together please do not hesitate to take a step back and evaluate if Kambo is something you should actually do. If you would prefer a referral to another practitioner I would be happy to make an introduction. Green Light and Gentle Healing!