About Me

Steve Cather

Trained and Certified “Advanced” Kambo Practitioner

What is an Advanced Practitioner?

There are many different ways of working with Kambo. Each person will come to Kambo for their own reasons. Each person will have a different experience during every one of their sessions. Choosing to sit with an experienced practitioner will enhance those experiences and ensure that you are given Kambo in a way that meets your needs. Doing this work well requires a nuanced approach with each individual.

My personal journey with Kambo began as a circle participant in a three day reset. I was once doing just as you are doing now, researching practitioners, studying the scant amounts of information on the web, and wondering what Kambo was really all about.

As a lifelong seeker of Truth and Understanding I was drawn to Kambo as a vehicle for my personal, spiritual, and karmic evolution. I could sense an unknown barrier preventing me from reaching the next level of my growth.

I wasn’t sure I could change much regarding the content of my life. Kambo allowed me to see that I could change the context of my life. I no longer felt weighed down by my obligations. Rather, I felt blessed to be immersed in the challenges of life! With renewed vigor, improved mental clarity, and a fresh perspective on my past and my relationships I set forth on a beautiful new adventure.

I was absolutely amazed at the power and efficacy of this natural wonder. I’ve always known that nature holds the medicines we need to heal ourselves. It’s one thing to know it intellectually. It’s quite another to have it happen in your own life in such a powerful way.

Over the 4-5 months after my first 3 day “Reset” I lost 40 lbs through dietary change alone. I began to actually enjoy my day job and was able to finally see mundane tasks as the yoga of my life. The baggage of my childhood traumas were left behind and my spirit was profoundly lightened. My 25 year battle with poor sleep caused by vivid nightmares ended. Suddenly every day was beautiful! In short, my entire perspective had been changed over the course of a single weekend.

Throughout the next year my subsequent treatments and continuing work in the Denver Kambo community radically altered the course of my life. During that time I was fortunate enough to apprentice under a well known IAKP practitioner with years of experience. I’ll always remember the time I spent assisting in these circles as one of the most generous gifts I have ever received. Serving people in real need of healing allowed me to redefine my mission in life.

Working with Kambo is a passion and a labor of love for me. I feel so grateful to be able to share this gift of nature with those in my community. Bringing this beautiful jungle medicine to those seeking a change in their lives is a privilege that is quite humbling. Nothing brings me as much contentment as holding space for my courageous clients and seeing them rediscover the power they have within themselves.

Kambo is a warrior medicine. A medicine of empowerment. These are not medicines in the Western sense. They are spiritual healing modalities that awaken within us the ability to more deeply connect to Source. A deeper connection to Spirit brings about a truth and radiance in our beings. We become more authentic, more alive, and better equipped to deal with the stresses of daily life.

My style of working with Kambo combines aspects of the traditional with elements of Eastern ceremony. During my circles I incorporate mantras, stotrams, and sacred music and chants. The energetic blend of traditional Kambo rituals and Eastern techniques are a beautiful expression of the reverence and love I have for both of these spiritual and ceremonial forms.

My circles are always filled with drums, rattles, singing, and uplifting music. I think all of us can relate to having a formative experience surrounded by music. The powerful vibrations of drumming and song are within us. Our ancestors stand 3,000 generations deep behind our backs and propel us forward with the wisdom in our bones. We are them, they are us. The vibration of their existence is still within us. By connecting to them through music and song we are able to access their wisdom. The wisdom of untold generations that we have forgotten.

When you decide it is finally time to let go of your old life and begin a clean and healthy future, please contact me. I welcome the opportunity to facilitate your Kambo experience and play a part in your healing journey.

By working as a Kambo practitioner I am also continuing my own healing by serving you during our sessions.

We heal each other. Together. One ceremony at a time.