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Denver, CO – October 25/26/27 – 2019

New Moon In Scorpio

AM and PM Sessions Still Available – 9am-2pm or 3pm-8pm Daily


Oklahoma City – September 21, 2019

Educational Meetup – Sponsored by Psychedelic Society of Oklahoma

Learn more about Kambo – Participate in a Sananga Ceremony and a Hapeh Snuff Ceremony – 2:30pm-4pm – $20 Donation – All proceeds will be donated to Amazon Fire Relief

Visit the PSO Meetup page for more info about this event – 

Psychedelic Society Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK
299 Members

This is not a place to source illegal substances. If you get private emails or postings regarding this, please contact me directly.People seeking to understand the future, p…

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Oklahoma City – September 27, 28, 29 – 2019

3 Days – 9am – 2pm Daily – 63 Spots Remaining

Oklahoma City – September 28, 2019

Educational Meetup – Learn more about Kambo and participate in a Sananga Ceremony and a Hapeh Snuff Ceremony – 4pm to 7pm – $10